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The person considering building a new home in West Toronto has many options. There arguably is no one best path since what is best varies from one homeowner to the next. One of the choices people face—or at least think they face—is custom home versus production home. These are the two most prevalent constructions methods, so let’s define them and determine if there’s a compromise.

What Is a Custom Home?

You may think that the term custom built home is self-explanatory, and it is for the most part. You essentially have a blank slate, and the designer works with you on room count, layout and literally every detail inside and outside of the home. This process begins at a high level, but you work your way down to the finest details.

A custom home builder will generally charge more than a production home builder. This is warranted since a custom built home is designed from scratch. There may be an architect involved, which requires additional fees. Materials might be purchased from a wide range of suppliers, but there is some control over those costs since you are able to make every choice. Additionally, some builders like Alair Homes have secured relationships with prominent builders, and this results in lower costs for many popular materials. These costs are passed along to the homeowners, helping you to save more while also getting more.

What Is a Production Home?

A production home differs from a custom home in that it is based on a pre-established plan. You may have options, but your home will largely be the same as another based on that plan. If you think of the typical “cookier cutter” neighbourhood, this is likely a community filled with production homes. You certainly get to make choices about fixtures and features, but these are generally limited to a pre-determined selection. The builder has agreements in place with suppliers to keep costs down but only by using fewer materials inside the home.

Cost really is the big advantage of a production home over a custom built home. As opposed to the custom home builder, the production home builder can make bulk purchases. That savings can then be distributed across all of the clients for whom homes were built in a given time frame. However, it’s important to keep in mind that limited customization options often leads to clients feeling like they need renovations down the line. For instance, a client might decide to upgrade to a nicer cabinet our countertop choice once budget allows, or they might decide to tear down a wall to create a more open concept. Renovating at a later time is often more expensive than adding these options in while construction is underway, so the overall costs can be higher long-term.

The Best of Both Worlds Is Possible

Although often discussed as an either-or proposition, that isn’t really the case with custom versus production homes. You can opt for a custom home builder that integrates the approaches that help lower costs for production homes. You can take advantage of these avenues for most aspects of your home but aren’t limited to them, and this also empowers you to pick and choose the features most important to you while accepting more “standard” options in places that are less important to your family.  As an example, if a particular lighting fixture was available through a supplier with which the builder has an agreement in place, then you could take advantage of that bulk price. If, on the other hand, you wanted a fixture from a non-partner supplier, you could still get it while saving money on the other choices that you make.

Building the home of your dreams really is all about making choices, which is why Alair Homes works to make the the most options available for our clients. We’ll work with you to design and build a home that fits in your budget but also includes the features that matter most to you. Contact us to discuss your project and learn more about the many advantages clients enjoy when working with us.